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Mission Statement

The mission of Pleasantdale School is to form a home and school partnership, provide an interactive learning environment, assure academic and social excellence, build a foundation for lifelong learning in a global environment, and promote a positive self-image for all children.

Vision Statement

Pleasantdale Elementary School is dedicated to having children, parents, teachers, and administrators create a positive learning environment where all students can attain high academic standards as productive citizens in the community. The school will use a variety of instructional and character building strategies to ensure that students can demonstrate strong values, innovative ideas, and an understanding of a wide range of information. Students will learn in an environment that reflects consistent understanding and respect for universal human rights.

Pleasantdale Creed

I am a Pleasantdale student filled with dignity and respect.  When you look at me, you see the Panther spirit shining through as proud as can be.  I always do my best to respect myself, my teachers, and others.  This is Pleasantdale Pride!

School Community

Pleasantdale School is located on 10.2 acres in the Northcrest residential area of Doraville, Georgia. Pleasantdale is recognized by faculty and staff, students, parents, and community members as a school that has a strong academic program which meets the needs of individual students and as a school that provides a safe and supportive environment. All of our students in PreK through Grade 5 feel valued, develop positive self-concepts, and take responsibility for their learning and behavior. Our faculty and staff are very competent, caring professionals. The parents of our students are supportive of their children and of the total school program.

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