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Pleasantdale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools


If your child was selected to attend the Livsey Pre-K for the 2021-2022 School Year, please see the additional required documents that will need to be completed and uploaded to complete registration

To Complete Upload & Registration please follow these instructions:

  • Log into the parent portal @
  • Go to your on-line application and click the ACCEPT SEAT or DECLINE SEAT button at The accept seat option is required to be completed before you upload the remaining documents  
  • Click the edit button found on the right side of the parent portal mid-way down.
  • Once you are in your application, look to the left (not in the application) and notice the gray bars for the steps.
  • Click the gray bar that says 11 - Post Lottery Uploads.
  • Once you click that bar section on your application, it will bring you right to the area that you can upload.